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1. 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported an outbreak of disease originating in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, caused by a novel coronavirus (referred to as 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)). The initial cases of this virus have been associated with a specific seafood and animal market in Wuhan. Additional cases have been identified in people who have not visited this market, but have visited other markets or have interacted with infected individuals. Read More

2. Respiratory Protection FAQ: Healthcare

When respiratory protection is required or recommended for health care workers to help reduce their exposures to airborne particles, including bacteria and viruses that may cause disease, most often the requirement is for them to use an “N95, FFP2 or equivalent” filtering facepiece respirator. Read More

3. 3M Product Availability Update re 2019 Novel Coronavirus End Customer

To: 3M Valued Customers in the US
Subject: 3M Product Availability Update re: 2019 Novel Coronavirus
Date: January 23, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

3M is seeing an increased demand for respiratory protection products following the outbreak of a newly identified coronavirus (2019 novel Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV). 3M is a leader in personal protective equipment for public health and healthcare professionals and individuals. In response, 3M is increasing respirator production to help meet demand, and working with distributors to help ensure they have inventory to meet end-user demand. 3M is committed to supporting the public health and governmental response to the Coronavirus while maintaining supply to existing customers. Read More